Burning Bush: 2021 Outlook

Exodus 3:2 – 4 (NLT)
There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire from the middle of a bush. Moses stared in amazement. Though the bush was engulfed in flames, it didn’t burn up. “This is amazing,” Moses said to himself. “Why isn’t that bush burning up? I must go see it.” When the Lord saw Moses coming to take a closer look, God called to him from the middle of the bush, “Moses! Moses!” “Here I am!” Moses replied.

Some gifts don’t come with pretty bows and a loud announcement. Not all of them would come with prophetic words and plenty of fanfare.

They stroll into your life on Sunday nights when you are “minding your business, tending the flock”, and they keep on giving, for years and years, birthing new answers and unlocking the next level of you back to back to back. They show up as you drive to work on Tuesday morning, and stop to give a lift, and keep on sprinkling that extra of God’s goodness to you for years and years and years. They are the projects that you just felt drawn to volunteer/give to, and led to meetings  and relationships, the conversations you had that caused massive shifts while you weren’t looking, the seemingly inconsequential sequence of little occurrences that lead to big things. They are the answers to heartfelt prayers, locked up in moments of sacrifice and/or obedience.

The answers you are praying for, seeking for, hoping for, will not always look like what you thought they would. Until you look back and recognize, that it was a burning bush experience, and it’s a good thing you did not miss them when your paths first crossed.

Ask God to open your eyes to see things as He sees them, to see people through His eyes, to value what He values, to lead you on a path of obedience.

Each role, each step, each opportunity is prep for the next. Life is in seasons, and seasons open up into seasons. Your entire life is prep for the next step God will have to take.

This is always true.

It’s a journey of progression, a path that shines brighter and brighter, unto the perfect day, (the Day of the Lord). The believer’s life is so much more than waiting for the rapture, or making heaven, or having a good life. It is all of this, yet so much more.

This very life is a journey of growth and progression that constantly prunes us in preparation for what our roles will be in the life to come.

It goes beyond perfection (which will come when we cross from this world to the next) or comfort (which the Father takes care of). It goes beyond these mundane things to the weightier matter of God’s eternal agenda and the highly specific (if minuscule) part of each of us as individuals have to play in it.

The most fascinating part to me is how our mistakes and failings and stumbling have all been budgeted for in the grand scheme of things by the One who knows the end from the beginning and is using these seemingly disastrous incidences for the greater good.

So take each step with seriousness: learn, live, love




Enjoy the process

‘Cos God at work in the behind the scenes of your life has a much bigger plan and agenda than you could ever conceive for yourself.

It is both a call to seriousness and a call to farabalẹ̀.

To take each moment with all its weight, and to enjoy the process.

Ó ṣì ń bọ̀
Kò ì tíì dé tán

Happy new year

Hadassah bath YHWH
The Father’s Daughter

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Jane Oluwadare

She helps neurodivergent people build income models, sustainable systems and learning structures suited to their own unique contexts, strengths and abilities.

Schooled as a Biochemist with clinical exposure and practice, the graduate of the University of Ibadan has spent several years curating knowledge and expressing the many facets of her talents and personality. She is now committed to showing the next generation how to do everything, and win by building bridges from the past, leveraging history, technology and innovation to forge a future that works for them.

As a coach, she continues to work with individuals (with special focus on neurodivergent people) to work through choke points in their different facets, finding strategies that'll push them through to the next phase.

With over 15 years of sewing under her belt, she has over time in her experience with a wide range of female clothing and the female form, constructed entire wardrobes from the scratch. She brings this wealth of exposure and experience to bear in running her fashion house (Hadassah's Stitches Fashion House), guiding the production of dresses for sale, leveraging on her gift for fabric selection to suit contexts and soothe sensory needs. She also teaches classes on garment construction, pattern drafting and the business of fashion.

An International Youth Council member and Global Youth Ambassador, she sits on the boards of several youth-led organizations in an advisory capacity; and continues to work with others to help develop children and young people to create a life of impact.

An avid food lover, chef and food critic, Hadassah spends her time creating new dishes, working as a private chef and running ZoéSpice Kitchen and Events. She is also curating her uniquely crafted kitchen secrets to be passed on. She puts all of her medical and nutritional experience together with over a decade of cooking and crafting recipes to create meal plans for her clients, helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle and desired body goal, based on everyday food items.

At the heart of her entrepreneurial ventures, she is the Executive Director of CriArt Skill Academy, a tech-driven school for creatives and neurodivergents to learn creative, social and life skills as backed up by their school curriculum. The wide array of options mean that no one is left behind, and there's an option that works for every student.

An avid writer, she uses her books and articles to educate, inform and entertain, making them valuable supporting resources in her work as a coach, mentor and teacher. They are available as e-copies, audiobooks, and in print.

At Phronesis Lighthouse, she continues to link people with knowledge, and ready to share, with people who are hungry to learn via programs, training, courses, and networking events.

She speaks, trains and consults, and has received numerous awards across her various spheres of influence.

At the very core of her being, Hadassah keeps chasing after The One who keeps her balanced and finds the ultimate fulfillment in her fellowship with the Holy Spirit. She quips that He is the real super power that keeps her functioning as an autistic person with ADHD, and often shares the insights He teaches her on Personal Development, Business Development and mindset reorientation according to the Word with Deborah's Court (her ministry expression).

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