PKH is a network committed to raising the next generation of young adults grounded in their skills, strengths and stellar delivery. 

Using a three-pronged learn-be-do approach, we provide the structures, resources and environment necessary for our interns to grow in experience, expertise and exposure, preparing them to take over leadership roles, innovate, and drive business objectives in line with our Ethics and Causes

PKH is a network of several enterprises, each of them with their own specific focus, client base, work teams etc. 

Fresh interns typically spend 6 months – 1 year building a tech skill while working in a role suited to their strengths and existing skills

Upon passing a performance appraisal, interns can expect to become Associates, and then team leads
Employees are reviewed for possible role switches and/or promotion at 6 month intervals, and the employee’s preferences for a career trajectory is set front and center of their very individual growth management plan

Yes we do
We are firm ardents of watering and supporting our people to do the work they sign up to do, and so learning forms a big part of our culture (in-house trainings, facilitator-led trainings, courses, challenges etc.)

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Benefits and Rewards

Working with us means that you get a first-hand experience of how your strengths, skills and ideas can translate into real world impact, and you get to grow confidence and pick up the courage to take on increasingly bigger responsibilities

Open Positions

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