The Dear Abba Series

Feeling a bit abandoned? 

Like God left you alone?

Are you in a place where you are struggling to fathom how on earth He let “that” happen?

I was too. When life came at me with a series of blows in quick succession, I was left questioning what exactly was wrong, seeing as “I did everything right”. I rolled the matter over and again in my mind, until I started to wonder if God stopped loving me, if I heard His instructions wrong, if I still mattered

They were pretty dark months, and despite “carrying on” and being the “strong woman”, I had serious doubts, and was on the verge of collapsing 

But you see, in the middle of all that darkness, I reached for God. In retrospect, that probably made all the difference. I told Him how I really felt, what terrified me, what worried me, and what crushed me. In the middle of my depression, worry, anxiety, non-verbal spells, struggles to pray etc. I wrote letters to ABBA

The best part? He responded

He had a response to every question, provision and support, sometimes in the most unlikely of places. ABBA had clarity, comfort, reassurance. He had insights for me. The Father had guidance. And in spite of everything going on, and bad humans making bad decisions, He SHOWED me that He loves me

Dear ABBA is a compilation of some of those letters, as well as His responses to me on those really low days. It is both my own unrestrained frustration, and His loving responses. You get to read these exchanges, plus lessons I learned, Scriptures that helped and so much more when you grab a copy of the book

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The Dear Abba Prayer Journal

Dear Abba started as a series of heartfelt letters I wrote to God, following a particularly painful experience that left me heartbroken (no, it’s not man-gist). I felt let down, discouraged, bewildered and upset – practically broken. It was almost too hard to pray, because I could not for the life of me understand why on earth that would happen. So I went on a quest in search of proof of His love for me, and wrote Him letters when my heart was full, and I couldn’t see past my next breath. Dear Abba is both my own unrestrained frustration, and His loving responses 

Revisiting the book a couple of years later in a similar season, a few things stood out to me afresh, and the Prayer Journal was born

All too often, we forget to feel our feelings, and get lost in attempting to present what we have been taught is an acceptable mask or posture before God. We approach prayer by composing ourselves in the way we think we “should”, say the words we think we should, and sometimes even attempt to respond the way we think we should

Now, proper conduct in God’s presence is a good thing: being intentional, and deliberately coming to Him as the Sovereign Lord. But He is asking us to be ourselves. In that private place where it’s just you and God, He wants you to be you, to be real, to be His: no restraints, no holds barred, all of the feelings and vulnerability and confusion

…because it is inside that darkness that He’d shine His light, work on your heart, heal you completely, and show you the next most profitable step to take to move you forward in the direction of destiny. It’s His prerogative to show you what He is working on behind the scenes, or lead you on, step by step into the next phase. But whether He shows you the complete Blueprint, or simply the next step, He loves you still, He’s right there with you, and wants you to know it.

His love is unwavering, His comfort dependable, His leading ever present; and it is with this assurance, having received the Spirit of adoption by virtue of salvation, that we simply open our hearts to speak with Him, and say

“Dear Abba… “

The Dear Abba Prayer Journal is a compilation of affirmations, confessions, psalms, prayers etc. to help you on your own journey to become situated in the irrevocable knowledge of The Father’s love, and you can cop yours HERE

Pray, affirm, confess, and write your own letters to ABBA

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Jane Oluwadare

She helps neurodivergent people build income models, sustainable systems and learning structures suited to their own unique contexts, strengths and abilities.

Schooled as a Biochemist with clinical exposure and practice, the graduate of the University of Ibadan has spent several years curating knowledge and expressing the many facets of her talents and personality. She is now committed to showing the next generation how to do everything, and win by building bridges from the past, leveraging history, technology and innovation to forge a future that works for them.

As a coach, she continues to work with individuals (with special focus on neurodivergent people) to work through challenges in their different facets, finding strategies that'll push them through to the next phase.

With over 15 years of sewing under her belt, she has over time in her experience with a wide range of female clothing and the female form, constructed entire wardrobes from the scratch. She brings this wealth of exposure and experience to bear in running her fashion house (Hadassah's Stitches Fashion House), guiding the production of dresses for sale, leveraging on her gift for fabric selection to suit contexts and soothe sensory needs. She also teaches classes on garment construction, pattern drafting and the business of fashion.

An International Youth Council member and former Global Youth Ambassador, she sits on the boards of several youth-led organizations in an advisory capacity; and continues to work with others to help develop children and young people to create a life of impact.

An avid food lover, chef and food critic, Hadassah spends her time creating new dishes, working as a private chef and running ZoéSpice Kitchen and Events. She is also curating her uniquely crafted kitchen secrets to be passed on. She puts all of her medical and nutritional experience together with over a decade of cooking and crafting recipes to create meal plans for her clients, helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle and desired body goal, based on everyday food items.

At the heart of her entrepreneurial ventures, she is the Executive Director of CriArt Skill Academy, a tech-driven school for creatives and neurodivergents to learn creative, social and life skills as backed up by their school curriculum. The wide array of options mean that no one is left behind, and there's an option that works for every student.

An avid writer, she uses her books and articles to educate, inform and entertain, making them valuable supporting resources in her work as a coach, mentor and teacher. They are available as e-copies, audiobooks, and in print.

At Phronesis Lighthouse, she continues to link people with knowledge, and ready to share, with people who are hungry to learn via programs, training, courses, and networking events.

She speaks, trains and consults, and has received numerous awards across her various spheres of influence.

At the very core of her being, Hadassah keeps chasing after The One who keeps her balanced and finds the ultimate fulfillment in her fellowship with the Holy Spirit. She quips that He is the real super power that keeps her functioning as an autistic person with ADHD, and often shares the insights He teaches her on Personal Development, Business Development and mindset reorientation according to the Word with Deborah's Court (her ministry expression).

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