I am Enough

No Fear, No Helplessness, No Defeat.

In our last mail, we looked at fear: how to handle the emotion, push back on the feelings, reach around the scare and anxiety to push forward to success. (You can read a recap or download the audio file.)

Today, we’d be looking at DIMINISHING.

Diminishing is a fancy word for when you feel too small to do what God has clearly committed into your hands. It’s a major tool in the hands of the enemy, one that he often deploys when he cannot get you to doubt the truth of the message that you carry.

Diminishing often makes you feel too small, too weak, or unqualified to do what has been laid on your heart to do, leaving you feeling helpless and/or frustrated (because if you are not doing what ABBA says you should be doing, then you’d not feel settled).

There are several ways to tackle diminishing. Of course, the first would be to find out what Scripture says about the matter. If you take a look at Moses when God calĺed him in the burning bush encounter Exod 3, God responded to Moses diminishing himself by giving him a sure word, and then sending him a helper (Aaron). When Joshua faced a daunting task, he was given a sure word (Josh 1) and marching instructions. Over the course of the Bible, God responds to the self-doubt of His children with a sure word and clear instructions.

So like I often love to say, get God’s opinion on the matter, then fix your eyes on that Word, regardless of anything that is going on around you.

A second thing is to soak up the Word. It’s a very good time to delve into the book of 1 Timothy, and walk with Paul as he coaches his protege on leading a church through a time of crisis, in an ungodly location, at the tender age of 17 (talk about a real case of supposed inadequacy). In fact, my favourite verse in the entire book is in chapter 4 (verse 12), where he tells Timothy to not allow ANYONE to despise his youth, and that’s my message for you today.

If you are not already following the Not too… audio series in Mission Possible, you should. The exposition on 1 Tim 4: 12 is track 10.

When the lockdown, shelter-in-place orders started to roll out in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the things that I prayed for, was that you’d take full advantage of the conversations we’d been having about the Future of Work. They help you to set out clear road maps for dealing with the concept of remote work, as well as positioning you, your work and/or business for a much different era.

The communication channels (email, comment section, and communities) stay open, and we are fully present online, to provide the support and resources you need to transition in this era.


ABBA loves you

…and so do I.

Warm regards,

Hadassah bath YHWH
The Father’s daughter

Author: Jane Oluwadare
Jane solves hard problems so you don't stay stuck Jane (Hadassah) OLUWADARE is an autistic, dyslexic multi-dimensional woman who uses her different dimensions to amplify one another, and is committed to showing other neurodivergent people how to replicate working wisdom in their respective contexts. In the PKH Network, she brings her various facets, strengths and skills to work together in viable business models, creating solutions for other visionaries, and providing platforms for young people to grow into their own strengths, develop experience and expertise As a data analyst, strategist and business development consultant in PKH Consulting, she sits with business structures to help them identify the gaps in their processes, build the blueprints, strategy, process flows and structures that will get them from where they are to where they want to be. As a productivity and execution coach in PHRONESIS Lighthouse, she works with neurodivergent people to get more productive, and do more with less effort, with particular attention to autistic people and people with ADHD. As a fashion consultant in HSFH, she styles, illustrates, and brings 15+ years of sewing experience to bear as she works to produce and sell stylish clothing that meets sensory, functional and fashionable needs. She teaches creative and trade skills in CriArt Skill Academy, working with neurodivergent children (with particular attention to autism, dyslexia and ADHD) to show them how their natural talents and tendencies can be an advantage inside and outside of the classroom and school curriculum. Utilising games and play as tools, as well as drawing from her own personal experience as a designer, chef and writer she helps them transfer the skills from the creative arts into school subjects and real life. She writes extensively, sharing her thoughts in books, articles and through her various enterprises as creative stories and non-fiction think-pieces available in Books By Hadassah. An International Youth Council member and former Global Youth Ambassador, she sits on the boards of several youth-led organisations in an advisory capacity; and continues to work with others to help develop children and young adults to create a life of impact. At the very core of her being, Hadassah keeps chasing after The One who keeps her balanced and finds the ultimate fulfilment in her fellowship with the Holy Spirit. She quips that He is the real super power that keeps her functioning as an autistic, dyslexic person with ADHD, and often shares the insights He teaches her on Personal Development, Business Development and mindset reorientation according to the Word with Deborah's Court (her ministry expression)

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