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Become the person you've dreamed of becoming

…staying true to your authentic self

Picture of Jane Oluwadare smiling

Does this describe you?

  • a growing sense of frustration with the life you live, knowing that it is so very different from the life you planned out
  • A deep-seated knowing that you could do a lot more with what you have and know, but no clear avenue to execute
  • A clear sense of what to do, but absolutely no idea HOW to do it
  • A distinct gap between the people/values you hold dear, and what is obtainable in your work/organisation 
  • Constant stress, a growing sense of overwhelm, and annoyance with the concept of “potential”

I’ve been here before, and can reliably tell you that you don’t have to stay here

It is indeed possible to live a life aligned to your values, grow and evolve into a modern version of the person you have always held in high esteem, and step into the mental state of satisfaction, comfort and ease that allows you to execute your vision and assignments from a place of clarity and efficient productivity 

Meet Jane OLUWADARE, a multi-faceted woman who has learned how to bring the different sides of herself, her skills, strengths and unique experiences to build viable businesses and organisations, both for herself and for clients.

Over the past decade, she has flourished across industries, weaving a steady business growth and administration track record, with a determined, profitable foray into creative skills, and a career in business analysis and management consulting for team leads and business owners like herself without sacrificing her values or succumbing to the hustle culture

Picture of Jane OLUWADARE. She is wearing a purple jacket with white lapels, holding her arms crossed and smiling into the camera

She has the art of deliberate growth and personal nurturing for accurate brand alignment down to a science, reaching inside each time to birth literal gold and ingenious execution, and in the Personal Development program, she teaches you to do the same for yourself

Personal Development with Jane OLUWADARE is for you if:

  • you are looking to build a clear growth map for yourself or your business 
  • you would like to get in tune with what you really want and desire
  • you would like to close the gap between the values dear to your heart and the scenarios in your life 
  • you would like to meet your authentic self
  • you would like to attract people, communities and opportunities more aligned to your own values


  • weekly modules and content
  • coaching calls and hands-on guidance 
  • Community support and brainstorm sessions

Spread across 7 main pillars, Personal Development with Jane takes you through:

  • Personal branding 
  • Communication 
  • Capacity 
  • Time management 
  • Money management 
  • Motivation
  • People

The Personal Development program used to be sold at £70/module, but Jane redesigned it to build a more inclusive experience that spans the course of 10 weeks. For a limited time, you can coup ALL 7 modules (plus the bonuses, community access and coaching support) for an all-time low price of £ 150

Personal Development with Jane

£490 £150/quarter
  • Weekly modules and content
  • Coaching calls and hands-on guidance
  • Community support and brainstorm sessions

Here’s what previous students have to say about Jane’s coaching:

Enrollment for this cohort of Personal Development with Jane closes by midnight on the 24th of December, 2022, and with it, the all-time low price

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Frequently asked questions

Can I pay in Naira?

Yes you can. Switch the currency tab on the left side of the screen to ₦ and check out as normal. The cart would update your total payment in Naira. For other currencies (including $), please leave as is and proceed to click any of the sign up buttons

What is the duration of the programme?

12 weeks (10 weeks of learning, with 2 breather weeks)

How would I be taught?

Through a combination of short videos, articles, slide decks, and activities for guided introspection. The content and materials for each module drops weekly, and you have the rest of the week to work through it at your own pace and convenience, fitting your learning to your personal calendar

How long do I have access to the course?

3 months, effective from the date of programme commencement (9th of January, 2023)

What do I need to do to succeed in this programme?

Commit to watching the weekly modules as soon as they drop. We have made an effort to keep them as short and engaging as possible, so that you can draw maximum value in the shortest possible time
Also, plan time for introspection and journaling to help you work through the guided introspection questions and lay out an actionable plan that would help you apply what you have learned

Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can. Please write to hello@pkhadassah.com.ng to work put a comfortable payment plan you can commit to

How will I be supported?

Our learning community is closely monitored to ensure that questions are answered as soon as possible; with prompt updates, tips and personal check-in emails and love notes to ensure that you never feel alone on your journey

Our learners  also often opt to stay in our newsletter community post-training where they enjoy continued support and other bonuses

Can I sponsor someone for this?

Yes you can. Simply input their details at the point of registration so they receive log in codes and other communication; or you can reach out to us via hello@pkhadassah.com.ng for more focused support