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The Principle of Chaotic Habits is an excellent tool that helps you work around obstacles, exhaustion to build habits. It focuses on the 1 in 8 individuals who struggle with habit formation and helps them achieve desired goals and beat the limitations that come with being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world. 

Chaotic Habits help you win the consistency game by sitting into persistence, multiple modes and dopamine releases among other things, and each of the 28 building blocks discussed can be used in isolation or in combination for a rich, full experience

In the book, Jane layers her coaching expertise on top of building blocks to help you move quickly from new knowledge and A-ha moments to take the baby steps that would open you up to a life-changing experience. She also helps you organize the thoughts and probable action points that come as you interact with the new knowledge.

Principle of Chaotic Habits explores how you can work around your neurology to build systems that automate the sort of outcomes you want in your life, even if you struggle to build sustainable habits.  While the article talks about 18 basic blocks, in the book, you get to see an amazing 28 different approaches you can take and deploy (more options, more chances) for immediate results.

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