November 24, 2020
The Book of Haggai
Let's Read, Shall We?

The Book of Haggai

Haggai 1 

Verse 1: The flow of information from God through His prophet to the governor shows off often vital links that we tend to overlook. 

Prophetic insight ——–> Policy makers, Government powers ———–> Faster results 

  • God’s plans may transcend the level of individuals getting the work done. Government policies and backing (or even direct involvement) may be necessary to see God’s will accomplished on Earth.
  • The Word may leave heaven, but to be fulfilled effectively, it needs to be carried by the government, pointing to the importance of having believers committed to Kingdom in government positions. 

The second dimension to the flow of information is from God through His prophet to the High Priest. A few things stand out. It is possible for even religious leaders to be stuck in:

  • religion 
  • popular opinion 
  • familiar routines

…that they miss the move of God. 

Verse 2: The logical progression/plan is not always God’s plan for you. Your idea of what is logically next is a reflection of your priorities. The things that get done first show where your heart really is. 

Verse 6: Holes, leaks and waste is what happens when you take God off number 1. You step into toiling (the very manifestation of Adam’s curse)

Verse 7: Make room for God WHERE He wants, HOW He wants, WHEN He wants. Wealth is not amassed/built by your methods. To dig wealth wells, and lay channels/pipes that can house His outpouring, do it His place, His way, and in His timing. He will not release the flow until you get it. 

Verse 12: The prophetic, priestly, Government triangle can cover the people and shift them into corporate obedience. It is up to each person to find their place and play their role

Verse 13: God can be with you, yet be restrained by your disobedience. The easiest way to step into fellowship and manifestation of His presence is to walk in obedience. 


Haggai 2

Verse 3: What God is asking you to build does not need to look glamorous, match societal expectations, or even past experiences. If you obey, God’s got you. Do your best (as instructed) and leave the rest. 

Verse 6: A most unique entrepreneurship model: you do the building, God does the bringing, the PR and the adverts, the glorification and spotlight

Verse 15: He would often use disasters and failings to draw us to Him. The situation not aligning may just be a flag that you have not cracked the code OR fully implemented the plan that He handed to you. It is a reason to seek Him, His wisdom, His light. 

Verse 20: This speaks to an overthrow or reorganization of Kingdoms, economies, world powers, armies – and with it, an overthrow of order as we know it. It also speaks to God displaying His sovereignty by giving His chosen one an assurance of support, privilege and authority even in the midst of the upheaval, a scenario that we can see playing out today

The Purpose of Wealth

Old ways of regarding wealth

  • A sign of growth
  • An hallmark of success
  • The need for ownership 


  • A tool for Kingdom work
  • New hallmarks: track record of obedience to instructions (as evidenced by the Holy Spirit’s approval), spiritual growth (fruit and character), emotional growth
  • Pray for needs, not money
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