Currency of Relationships

The Currency of Relationships

“The currency of relationships is tricky, yet the most natural thing in the world.” – P. K. Hadassah 2018


One of the most annoying statements I’ve heard from a person, is “I value relationships”. Half the time, when someone has to say that, they’re looking for personal gain, and can feel it slipping through their fingers. You see, the currency of relationships is not predicated on the relationship itself, but vested in the person, and so you don’t need to focus on the relationship to spend that currency.


Did you catch that? Let me break it down. Have you ever loved a child? They can’t give you anything. They can’t help you to grow. They can’t do anything for you (that’s actually a big fat lie: there’s a whole lot that children can do for you, but for the sake of this writing, we’ll go with the flow). Do you know how to love a child? You do everything that they need, that’s within your capacity, and then some. You give of your self: your time, your person, your presence. When you’re with them, you are physically there. You reach out, check on them when they go silent, teach them when they go wrong, show them how to do better….

The child, recognizes your love, even when you don’t say the words, and they vibe back to you. They do random stuff to make you happy, go out of their way to please you, hug you with reckless abandon, and defend you when you’re not there (most children do). You don’t have to ask a child to do those things. They do it naturally for those they sense love them (it’s almost like an unseen radar that we have no idea how it works). They do these things thay make you so happy, that you unconsciously begin to do more. That cycle, is the currency of relationships, because you both grow to a point where you want to please the other.


That’s how to love a child …and that’s how to love a human: selflessly, without bounds or limits, or a hidden agenda/gain.

Hadassah (Excerpt from Kingdom Money Matters)

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Jane Oluwadare

She helps neurodivergent people build income models, sustainable systems and learning structures suited to their own unique contexts, strengths and abilities.

Schooled as a Biochemist with clinical exposure and practice, the graduate of the University of Ibadan has spent several years curating knowledge and expressing the many facets of her talents and personality. She is now committed to showing the next generation how to do everything, and win by building bridges from the past, leveraging history, technology and innovation to forge a future that works for them.

As a coach, she continues to work with individuals (with special focus on neurodivergent people) to work through choke points in their different facets, finding strategies that'll push them through to the next phase.

With over 15 years of sewing under her belt, she has over time in her experience with a wide range of female clothing and the female form, constructed entire wardrobes from the scratch. She brings this wealth of exposure and experience to bear in running her fashion house (Hadassah's Stitches Fashion House), guiding the production of dresses for sale, leveraging on her gift for fabric selection to suit contexts and soothe sensory needs. She also teaches classes on garment construction, pattern drafting and the business of fashion.

An International Youth Council member and Global Youth Ambassador, she sits on the boards of several youth-led organizations in an advisory capacity; and continues to work with others to help develop children and young people to create a life of impact.

An avid food lover, chef and food critic, Hadassah spends her time creating new dishes, working as a private chef and running ZoéSpice Kitchen and Events. She is also curating her uniquely crafted kitchen secrets to be passed on. She puts all of her medical and nutritional experience together with over a decade of cooking and crafting recipes to create meal plans for her clients, helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle and desired body goal, based on everyday food items.

At the heart of her entrepreneurial ventures, she is the Executive Director of CriArt Skill Academy, a tech-driven school for creatives and neurodivergents to learn creative, social and life skills as backed up by their school curriculum. The wide array of options mean that no one is left behind, and there's an option that works for every student.

An avid writer, she uses her books and articles to educate, inform and entertain, making them valuable supporting resources in her work as a coach, mentor and teacher. They are available as e-copies, audiobooks, and in print.

At Phronesis Lighthouse, she continues to link people with knowledge, and ready to share, with people who are hungry to learn via programs, training, courses, and networking events.

She speaks, trains and consults, and has received numerous awards across her various spheres of influence.

At the very core of her being, Hadassah keeps chasing after The One who keeps her balanced and finds the ultimate fulfillment in her fellowship with the Holy Spirit. She quips that He is the real super power that keeps her functioning as an autistic person with ADHD, and often shares the insights He teaches her on Personal Development, Business Development and mindset reorientation according to the Word with Deborah's Court (her ministry expression).

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