November 28, 2020
When will we be ready?

When will we be ready?

This morning, I woke with a heavy heart and I can’t help but share.

Yesterday, I observed a discussion online, and after telling us how Moghalu’s candidate that has a vision, AND clearly outlined steps (workable policy), it was “sad that he’s not popular”, and that “we’re not ready”.

I’m like, when will we be ready? When salaries can no longer feed our families? When business ideas can no longer take off, even on tiny scales? When the gap between the elites and the masses is so wide, we might as well belong to 2 different countries? When we start to spend more on bribes than the actual legal benefits we are trying to process? When our educational system can no longer produce graduates that we ourselves can tolerate? When embezzled money exceeds the total revenue we generate in this country?

When will we be ready?

We’ll NEVER be. Cos it’s already happening.

FACT: we get the kind of leaders we deserve
TRANSLATION: it is OUR fault if the leader that we need doesn’t emerge

Yes, they’re speaking “grammar” that the “masses” do not understand. But what have you done, to communicate what you understand to them. I’m not talking about repeating the policies verbatim. For example, Moghalu has strong plans for education-driven economic policies. To the market woman, that’s gibberish. But reminding her, that his decisions will help her son learn what he needs to know to not be jobless after school drives the point home.

We complain that the big parties have money to throw about. We forget that the most valuable currency, is relationships, built on trust. We know their stories, more than any candidate does. We know how this would benefit them. For the sake of our future, let’s suspend intellectual debates, and spend today, with our family, our neighbors, and show them how the “unpopular” choice is not a wasted vote, but a decision to define their own future. Show them how it benefits them. Say it in the language they understand. The solutions that they’re really desperate for
We’ve got 24hours. Good luck!

Love 💖💕💞💝

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Jane Oluwadare

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