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PKH Writers' Camp

...let's get YOU writing!

12 weeks of training to make you a confident, versatile writer

Picture of Jane OLUWADARE. She is wearing a purple jacket with white lapels, holding her arms crossed and smiling into the camera

This is your chance to master the art of putting your thoughts to words, so yo can share your writing with the world. You get to put your stamp on your own industry and build a  unique niche for yourself. If you have ever wondered how thought leaders in your industry attract the opportunities they want, show off their skills and expertise outside of work, and establish themselves as reliable authorities on certain topics, you are about to learn how

At the moment, you:

* Like the idea of sharing your knowledge with the world but you are not clear on what you want to be known for

* Have a desire to write but no clue where to begin or the confidence to try

* Constantly run out of content ideas

* Are shy or worried about what people will think of you

* Your 9-5 or your 24/7 business leaves you drained with little time and energy to write consistently

* Watch less experienced professionals get golden opportunities and widespread recognition

You are not alone. Many others experience these. You simply have not figured out how to use words to showcase your unique knowledge and experience to an enraptured audience and attract the opportunities that you want


The good news is…

You don’t have to limit your impact to your immediate workplace or business, narrow your earning potential, miss out on opportunities you are qualified for or stay unknown.

* You can find your voice and own it 

* You can build a global personal brand from the knowledge you already have

* You can attract the  sort of opportunities that you truly want; and clients you actually like

* You can grow your income doing work that you want to do, on your own terms

Meet Jane OLUWADARE. She has taught dozens of people how to convey their ideas clearly and consistently through words. Her students go beyond upgrading their writing skills; to positioning their personal brand such that they are able to attract the sort of opportunities they want and build the life they desire. In the PKH Writers’ Camp, She shares her personal roadmap, hacks and skills with you and shows you the principles and strategies she used to write her way into: 

  A multi-faceted career; pivoting from Biochemistry into tech, business management consulting and coaching 

Working with international organisations like Amazon, IREX, ONE Foundation, Correlation One and Developing Africa

Growing a valuable network of distinguished professionals in a new industry

Attracting opportunities without ever having to send a cold email or an application

Designing a lifestyle of flexibility that supports her growth and dexterity

Picture of Jane OLUWADARE. She is wearing a purple jacket with white lapels, holding her arms crossed and smiling into the camera

Whether you are looking to write a book, run a blog, start a newsletter or build social credibility and public proof of your skills, PKH Writers’ Camp will show you how to leave a firm, delible mark on your audience by using your words to showcase your knowledge and open the door to attract your dream opportunities

You will find out how to never run out of content ideas, build a sustainable writing habit, and grow the confidence you need to find your voice and own it

   Identify your unique writing style and refine your message

   Write better than you already do

   Take a single idea and turn it into an entire whiteboard full of content

   Hack your productivity, stay creative and never run out of content ideas

   Crank out purposeful content that hits the mark with your readers

   Develop a writing portfolio and build a strong personal brand through writing

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Find out what makes a good piece of writing and how you can create yours. Explore tools, tips and tech that would work for you.

Get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes sentences work, what drives proper languaging, and how to weave words to tell a tale of your most brilliant ideas

Identify and fall in love with your unique writing style; learn to leverage it and weild it like a master

Discover how to make your writing more concise and purposeful

Find out how to move from writing for yourself to writing for others and locate the audience that is eager to hear your message and share it

Good writing is all well and good, but your words must reach the right audience to achieve any results. Learn how to refine your message, choose a platform and attract your  preferred audience

Learn how to connect your words with your plans, and use your writing to achieve your goals, foster strong connections, and build a valuable network

Discover the intricacies of your writing habits and how you can build sustainable writing habits that position you for the opportunities you prefer

Pricing Plans


  • Weekly writing prompts


  • Writing Prompts
  • 3 workshops (pre-recorded)
  • 7 classes (live access)
  • Community access
  • Personalised feedback
  • Principle of Chaotic Habits journal
  • The Future of Work
  • One-on-one brainstorm sessions
  • Discounted access to personal brand coaching and publishing support
  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

Doors to the PKH Writers’ Camp will close at 11:59pm on February 11th, 2023. To save your slot, sign up now


Yes you can. Switch the currency tab on the left side of the screen to ₦ and select “save my slot” on the course bundle that you prefer. The cart would update with your total in naira. For other currencies (including $), please leave as is

Live sessions hold on Zoom according to the cohort calendar. Replays are available for ease of revision at your own convenience

Access is for 3-months 

Absolutely. The content is broken down into bite-sized steps and tasks you can tackle in your break hour or at the close of your work day. Weekly projections will be emailed to you to help you plan your week in advance and keep a finger on where you are during the course of the week.

Attend or watch the classes and workshops. Commit to writing at least 3 times a week to practice what you learned that week

PKH Writers’ Camp is perfect for you. The curriculum is structured to transform you from a rookie to a confident communicator in 12 weeks even if you have never written for anyone other than yourself.

The learning community is an avenue to ask your questions, get feedback on your writing, and receive pointers on what makes for better work. You can also opt-in to personalised coaching for specific projects (like books, website content, sales pages etc.)

Our learners often opt to stay in our newsletter community post-training where they enjoy continued support and other bonuses

Yes you can. Simply input their details at the point of registration so they receive log in codes and other communication; or you can reach out to us via hello@pkhadassah.com.ng for more focused support

PKH Writers’ Camp helps you build a bridge between what you are skilled at/have expertise in, and the audience you want to cultivate
Our program hands you valuable tools, tech, support and all you need; and is structured to help you build a working system that keeps you writing, even with your day to day demands

PKH Writers’ Camp helps you clarify your audience and refine your message, making it a powerful tool in your arsenal as you build a reputable personal brand

Working in a specific industry (like tech) should not be the reason you are unable to express your writing gift
PKH Writers’ Camp would help you document your knowledge, expertise and experience in a way that creates a warm audience for you, and actively attracts the people you want drawn in to your work

We’ve got you
PKH writers’ Camp helps you discover your unique writing style, as well as build out a writing habit that gets your stories out of your head and ready to be shared with the world