PKH Consulting

About Us

PKH Consulting is a network of experienced consultants and coaches, led by Jane OLUWADARE, who work together to solve your business problems so you don’t stay stuck 

Our goal is to help you build a business that is:

  1. aligned to your values
  2. meeting your objectives
  3. equipped with highly productive teams
  4. steadily expanding income streams
  5. staffed with happy and satisfied employees

The sort of problems we solve

From very detailed gap-analysis to data-backed strategy for operations, targeted training and project management, we help you do more with less, and double down for expansion that yields fruit 

Whether you need a personal brand website, a corporate website, and e-commerce website, or a blend, we’ve got you covered. Our team would help you set up a public face for your brand, sales funnels that convert, and establish your credibility in a now-digital world

Finding why there is a deviation from what you envision, project and expect, and showing you how to close the gap between what you want to stand for, and what is obtainable in your work and brand

Turn goals and objectives into realistic actionable  and sustainable plans that drives your team efforts on a definite track to the future you envision

Management strategy helps you raise your team’s game, boost productivity and elevate the quality of your output. We provide fresh eyes, automation, tools and strategic support to help you and your team achieve your KPIs and deliverables with less stress and higher precision

Pull your team’s work in alignment with your brand and your values, to ensure that you are doing work that you love, producing the results that you desire, without compromising on the things that you believe in

We’ll drive the conversations, trainings and assessments you need to create the team mindset and approach you desire while tracking changes and making adjustments for lasting transformation

Let our team of consultants help you get work done, and ease your team’s strain:

  • project management
  • training
  • learning management systems

Our Recent Clients

Picture of Jane OLUWADARE. She is wearing a purple jacket with white lapels, holding her arms crossed and smiling into the camera

Jane OLUWADARE is a productivity coach, analyst and business management consultant, and one of her favourite things to do is to solve your hard problems so you don’t stay stuck

She is an autistic, dyslexic, multi-dimensional ADHD woman who uses her different strengths, skills and areas of expertise to amplify one another, and is committed to showing other neurodivergent people how to replicate working wisdom in their respective con…(read more)